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Mobility / Relocation Services

Mobility Services in Dubai, Mobility Relocation Services Dubai, UAE

ISS Worldwide Movers is a full relocation service agency. We assist our customers in all aspects of the relocation process, including shipping coordination of your household goods and handling of the immigration process.

We understand that there is more to moving than just taking your items from one place to another. Thats why we also provide a number of other mobility services specifically for customers within the Middle East, including help with schools, paperwork and anything else you may need.

Full Relocation Service Packages
  • Family
  • Executive Family
  • Couple / Single
  • Executive Couple / Single.
Individual Relocation Services
  • Preview trip with housing overview
  • Orientation (tour + support)
  • Home search (2 days)
  • Departure service
  • Settling-in assistance (1/2 day)
  • Settling-in assistance (full day)
  • School search

Preview Trip

Designed for potential employees who require seeing what Dubai or Abu Dhabi has to offer as a city in general. We will take them on a tour to the different relevant sights and show the different housing areas of interest and we will answer questions in general (the duration of the tour is approximately 3 hours):
  • Tour of housing areas
  • Tour of Dubai or Abu Dhabi’s best sights
  • Advise on living and the city in general.
As part of the orientation programme, we also provide a follow up service which allows the transferee to use their assigned relocation agent for basic settling-in questions for a period of 1 month after their orientation tour.

The Dubai / Abu Dhabi tour includes:

Tour of the city:

  • Places of interest and importance
  • Living areas
  • Schools
  • Children’s facilities
  • Sights
  • Shopping facilities
  • Leisure facilities

The Dubai / Abu Dhabi tour includes:

Advice on (will include but is not limited to):

  • Cultural guidance
  • Day-to-day living
  • Leisure options
  • Shopping
  • Car purchase / rental
  • Furniture purchase / rental
  • Various suppliers.
  • Other guidance of choice

Follow up support

Home Search

The Home Search program includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Tour of relevant neighborhoods and housing areas prior to house viewing
  • Contact to real estate agents
  • Planning of viewing schedule
  • Assisting in the viewing of properties
  • Assistance in contract negotiation
  • Explanation of all processes and the local property market
  • Assisting in handing over property keys
  • Condition report on behalf of tenant.

Departure Service

  • Tenant assistance for closing leasing contract and condition report
  • Ordering, handling and coordinating with moving company for the removal of household goods to your new destination
  • Cancellation of accounts with water, electricity, district cooling, gas, telephone/internet/TV
  • Closing of bank account(s)
  • Collection of various deposits
  • Hotel and flight reservations
  • Mail forwarding
  • Other request of choice.
Settling-in Assistance
  • Registration with DEWA or ADWEC (water and electricity)
  • Registration with District Cooling (A/C)
  • Arrange for installation of TV/internet/landline
  • Registration with gas supplier (if applicable)
  • Arrange for installation of TV/internet/landline
  • Assistance for obtaining alcohol license (if applicable)
  • Accompanied assistance for obtaining UAE driver’s license
  • Accompanied assistance for obtaining Emirates ID card (only 1 visit needed)
  • Other settling/in if needed.

School Search

  • Advice on schools in Dubai
  • Education and student needs analysis
  • Provision of School Reports, identifying criteria
  • such as curriculum, style, size and location of schools
  • Schedule and coordinate school-tour appointments
  • Accompany family to visit selected schools, transportation included.
  • Coordinate communication between schools and family.
  • Guide to leisure activities for kids.
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