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Office/Business Moves

Office relocation in Dubai, Office moving services Dubai, Corporate relocation in Dubai, UAE

As specialists in corporate relocation and home moving, we can confidently transport anything from sensitive files to personal effects.

Our Office Relocation team will work closely with you to discuss all aspects of your relocation with your appointed coordinators, to ensure that your business can keep on working.

Your appointed Relocation Consultant will:
  • Conduct a relocation briefing before the move
  • Work with you to formulate a moving schedule
  • Ensure necessary contingency plans are prepared before the move
  • Assign a team of skilled packers headed by experienced supervisors for the relocation.

Re-usable Packing Materials

Our file cartons are durable and perfect for office moves and can be applied for other documents, personal effects in the office, and some other irregular size of office equipment.

As a standard, we provide color labels to clearly identify the location and department of the item to be moved. The labels are available in different colors: red, blue, yellow, white, grey, green, orange and purple.

Floor Plans

Floor plans are an essential part of office move preparations. We work according to these plans to determine where to place all of office effects at your new premises.

Offices and common areas should be coded individually, in sequence. Furniture or equipment within each room should be also be coded in sequence. We will work with you to determine the best coding system, be it alpha, numeric, a combination of this with colors and/or barcodes, and apply this to our labels. In fact any number of combinations can be applied depending on the size and complexity of your particular office.

Files & Personal Effects

Staff will be required to pack their personal workspace and files which include their desktop, cabinets and any other items that belong to them. ISS will provide cartons, packing materials and labels before the move. The individual staff member will label these items in accordance with the agreed coding system.

Common Areas: Compactus/Libraries/Files

ISS will pack public files or libraries as upon request.

Executive Offices

All fragile artwork and ornaments will be packed and moved by ISS and the assigned move coordinator will label these items.

Office Furniture

This will be moved by ISS and the assigned move coordinator will label these items.

IT Equipment

This will be packed and moved by ISS or your IT contractor as per your requirement and either the move coordinator or your IT contractor, will label the items.


All PC’s, servers, network equipment to be moved by ISS must be disconnected and left in their original position.

Personal files should be backed up, the day prior to disconnection.

Labeling of all PC’s, servers and network equipment will generally be performed by your IT department, IT contractor, or each department’s move coordinator.


We will work with you and an IT contractor to formulate a move schedule which encompasses time periods necessary for reinstallation of your network.

Specialist Items

Photocopiers need to be de-commissioned and re-commissioned by a specialist contractor, normally your vendor. *Check with your vendor about the move, as unauthorized moving (non-vendor approved contractor) may render your service contract void.

System Furniture

We can organise a specialist contractor to perform all dismantling and reinstallation works, except for certain makes of system furniture that require the original manufacture to perform this work.


We can organise a specialist contractor to perform all dismantling and reinstallation works.

Safes and Fire-Proof Cabinets

We will organise a specialist contractor to transport these items.

It is important that you provide ISS with all specifications of these items, including size, weight, make and model.

It is also important that you provide us with the load capacities of the lifts at origin and destination. In some case a lift mechanic maybe required on-site during the move.

Please double-check that the floor loading in the new premises is sufficient to take the weight of these items.

Premises Protection

ISS Worldwide as part of its total service policy will provide site protection of various types to ensure that the risk of damage to premises is minimized.

We can provide plywood to protect floors and newly laid carpets and protection for wall corners.

Lifts & Access

In order to ensure that works can be completed as scheduled, it is essential that you reserve lifts with the building management, at origin and destination at the appropriate times.If any heavy items must be moved (safes, fire proof cabinets), then you should confirm the safe working limits of all lifts to be used, at the origin and destination.

Some premises have busy transport requirements with multiple users. Depending on the timing of the relocation, it may be necessary to reserve loading and unloading docks at origin and destination.

In certain locations, dependent on access to the premises it may be required to obtain traffic permits.


External Audits

Official ISO auditors, to ensure compliance with the strict standards set down by ISO; perform external audits in the relevant ISS office every 6 months. This ensures that each office maintains its discipline and acts as a tool for continual improvement.

Consistent Standards Worldwide

As a worldwide company, ISS has established minimum standards in all aspects of our business.

Suppliers Qualified and Monitored

To conduct some aspects of our business, ISS has to rely on our best suppliers/vendors and make smart purchasing decisions. Under ISO, ISS must pre-quality all suppliers and monitors their performance regularly. ISO requires us to help our suppliers improve or, if necessary, change them.

Swift Resolution of Problems

Whether in our direct or indirect control, a problem must be solved quickly and effectively. ISO dictates that records are kept and complaints/claims must be signed off in a timely fashion. Furthermore, at regular Quality meetings, these issues are discussed and procedures changed if necessary, to ensure they do not occur again. Problems are quickly and efficiently resolved.

Training & Continuous Improvement

Under ISO we must set down criteria for every job skill and then keep records to demonstrate how ISS developing its staff to a high lever of competence. Also, by carefully documenting the precise needs of each customer, a new staff member can become effective much sooner.

Quality Measurement Tools

ISO dictates that we develop and continually make use of measurement tools to monitor our continuous improvement in the area of customer service, and to this end ISS has developed amongst other indicators, customer feedback forms.

Additional Services


ISS Worldwide warehouse facilities have been specially designed and purpose built for the handling and storage of office furniture, files, household effects and motor vehicles. The same can be said for most other ISS locations where we have built and own our facilities. As a privately-held company, ISS looks upon the reinvestment of capital into real estate as an important foundation of our long-term planning.


We strongly recommend that you take all-risks, full replacement value insurance coverage, which we can arrange for you.


If office new furniture and equipment will be installed at your new premises, ISS can easily arrange for the current furniture and equipment to be delivered to their new buyer or to be disposed based on your need.

Handling Relocation Requests

  • Receives the query with name, contact number and address
  • Move coordinator schedule the pre move consultation with residential consultant as per available time
  • Consultant visits with relocation kit with information on origin, destination, customs and other information
  • Move consultation takes about 35 to 45 minutes also include evaluation of the list of items with volume
  • Within 24 to 48 hrs our pricing team gets back with the best quote
  • With the order confirmation / LPO our move coordinator schedule the pack dates or delivery dates
  • Our packing/delivery crew is a combination of trained supervisor for inventory with packers to pack/unpack
  • Arrangement of handyman service if required
  • With the completion of packing or delivery our admin team arranges the invoice for payment
  • Move coordinator will complete the documentation
  • Feedback collection on sales, operation and move coordination for quality purpose.
  • KPI’s for grouped business followed up by monthly/quarter/half and year meetings.

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