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Transit Insurance

Transit Insurance Services in Dubai UAE

Two often forgotten aspects of the moving process are lump sum insurance and settling in service.

When you move, lump sum insurance makes sure that your possessions are covered in the event of any unforeseen difficulties and settling in service does just that; helps you handle the difficult task of settling in after a big move.

At ISS Worldwide Movers, we can arrange both services for you via our recommended provider AXA.

AXA Relocation Plus covers loss or damage to your possessions whilst relocating, leaving you free to complete your move in confidence.

Everything you need to help your relocation - Relocation Plus provides comprehensive insurance protection. Professionally packed items are covered against loss, damage or theft from point of origin, including a period of incidental storage, right up to your final domicile.

Cover Options

1. Inventory declaration (itemised replacement cost)
2. Lump sum or bulk declaration (as per volume).

Special extensions are available to extend the "All Risks" cover to provide even wider protection than that normally offered under standard household personal effects in transit insurance.

Instant Cover

Applying for AXA Relocation Plus is simple. You can be covered immediately from the time that the proposal form application is accepted by AXA or our appointed agents.

Fast and Fair Claim Settlement Worldwide

AXA will not make heavy weather of your claims. With- a reputation for superior customer service and a worldwide servicing capability, claims receive prompt and fair payment.

Claims Reporting Procedure

In the event your shipment arrives with losses and/or damages, which may involve a claim under this insurance, where possible please note any exceptions or damages on the delivering carrier's receipt. Contact the survey agent nominated on schedule of the policy as soon as practicable, advising them of the approximate value and nature of loss/damage.

The survey agent will give you advice on the next steps to make and if necessary, arrange for a loss adjuster to evaluate the loss/damage.

Please note that we require the following supporting documents which must be submitted with your claim:

  • Original policy or certificate of insurance
  • Original or copy of packing list and/or inspection report
  • Original bill of lading, Airway bill and/or other contract of carriage (This can be collected from moving company)
  • Survey report or other documentary evidence to show the extent of the loss or damage
  • Landing account and weight notes at final destination (if applicable)
  • Correspondence exchanged with Carriers and other Parties regarding their liability for loss or damage.

A Guide to Your Cover

Here is a quick summary of what makes AXA Relocation Plus different from the rest.

Depending upon the packing, one of the following covers will apply:

Full Conditions - Professionally Packed Effects

Comprehensive protection is provided for loss or damage, fire and theft for the insured effects:

  • Whilst being packed (including 60 day storage at packer's premises)
  • The sea, air and/or land voyage
  • Up to 60 days after arrival or until delivery and unpacking at destination.

Restricted Conditions - Owner packed effects

Cover is provided for loss or damage to the insured effects due to a major casualty to the carrying air sea or land conveyance, total loss during loading and unloading plus fire, explosion, lightning, natural catastrophes and sea or river water perils.

Cover for Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles can be insured under similar covers as above, with full or restricted conditions with insurance commencing once the car is delivered to the forwarder's premises for up to a week prior to transit. Thence up to arrival of the vehicle at destination not exceeding 30 days at port/airport or until prior collection by the Insured.

Special Extensions for Personal Effects

Any one or combination of the following clauses can be Included to your Full Conditions cover subject to an additional premium. The terms provided extend the standard cover and override other condition in this prospectus:

1. Mechanical, electrical or electronic derangement extension - We will cover your personal effects for loss or damage caused by electrical, electronic or mechanical derangement provided the Item is less than 6 years old and is packed as per manufacturer's requirement

2. Climatic or atmospheric conditions or extremes of temperature extension - We will cover up to a maximum 75% OF THE SUM INSURED attributable to mould and mildew due to climatic conditions.

3. Pairs & sets extension - We will pay for loss or damage to any hem or Item, forming part of a pair or set for a reasonable and fair reduction in the value of the pair or set, taking into consideration the importance of the effected items within with in the pair or set.

Storage Extensions

Some customers may require longer storage at origin and destination. These can be arranged subject to additional premium.

Main Exclusions

  • Personal Effects & Motor Vehicles
  • Wear and Tear pre-existing damages
  • Loss, damage or expense caused by moth vermin and gradual deterioration
  • Loss or damage caused by delay or any consequential loss arising there from
  • Electrical or mechanical derangement unless caused by insured peril
  • Confiscation or detention by customs authorities
  • The first USD 150 of any claim.

Personal Effects Only
  • Trunk suitcases or similar items unless they are packed in an outer container
  • Bank, notes, shares bond, deeds, Jewelry, stamps/coin collections, securities, negotiable instruments
  • Loss or damage due to climatic/atmospheric conditions or extrE''1les of temperatures (see special extensions to amend this exclusion).

Motor Vehicles Only
  • Vehicles exceeding 10 years of age
  • Rust oxidation and discoloration unless caused by direct contact with sea water
  • Any loss or damage to the Insured vehicle whilst it is on tow or under its own power, unless whilst being driven onto or off the vessel or into or out of the shipping container
  • Freezing of water 10 the radiator and/or cooling system
  • All liabilities to third parties howsoever caused
  • Loss' of spare parts, tool kits and radios unless lost with the complete vehicle.

    Full details of terms, coverage, condition and exclusions are contained in the policy available from any AXA branch office in the gulf or at website

Personal Effects & Motor Vehicles

Valuation clause: If the sum insured in respect of any article or article is less than the market value at destination then, in the event of claim, the amount recoverable, inclusive of reconditioning or replacement charges shall only be such proportion as the sum insured bears to the market value at destination.

Replacement clause: In the even of loss or damage to any part(s) of an insured article due to peril covered by the policy, the insured value of the complete article bears to the current market value plus additional charges for refitting new parts if incurred.

Personal Effects Only

Pair & Sets clause: In any claim arises for the loss or damage due to a peril covered by the policy to an article consisting as insured pair or set, no regard shall be had to any special value and amount recoverable will be calculated as though the article had been separately insured at prorate of insured value of the pair or set

Antique’s clause: In the event of damages to antique(s) liability is restituted to the reasonable cost of repair and no claim is recoverable for depreciation in value. In no case shall liability for such repairs exceed the sum insured in respect of the damage article.

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